Well we finally finished the ceiling and wall fiberglass insulating. Remember we had polyurethane insulation sprayed in the walls and ceiling YEARS ago. Our latest problem is house building is so expensive this is the only new car we can afford.

When my sister saw our house she remarked,"WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET RID OF THAT UGLY POLE IN THE FRONT YARD?" (The caps should give you a clue as to which sister that was.) We had planned to have a pad transformer put in but as you probably well know, we are slow. And being so slow paid off! This fall out REC ran a new underground service by our place. This included a new service to our house, and a pad transformer, and removal of the yard pole in the front yard, and at no cost to us!

Slow rules!

We have all the sheetrock on in the main upstairs area, those pictures will be next.

Here is a neat picture of our backyard "stiched" together from two seperate pictures I took with a digital camera we were trying out. Amazing how good the software did the "stiching".

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