Here are the latest interior pictures, click them;

From the living room looking east. There is still unfinished sheetrock and ceiling wood where stove hood will go. Notice the beautiful stacks of mesquite wood flooring.

From the kitchen/dining area looking west. As you can see we finally got the wagon wheel chandeliers up.

Here is another shot of the houseloft. We plan to construct a railing using douglas fir so it will match the main beam wood.

The last few months we have had a very serious problem, our sewer drainfield has been backing up. As you would know this would make any other problems, personal or otherwise, seem tiny. So the last while has been spent working on a major sewer drainfield upgrade. Everyone is relieved to have this job done.

Our plans are to try and get the trim, guest room, flooring, kitchen, done this winter, with the wood floor last, probably towards spring, since the floor finishing will require opening windows. We are on the home stretch, but we feel like we are running out of gas.

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