Roof sheathing is still going on. Here you can see the foam board strips on the roof joists that provide a thermal break along the joists. "What are we going to do here?" asks Kevin "Angles" Hagbom. He had to use a lot of art in certain places! Getting the final shingles on was a relief. We tried to find a crew to do this but all were too busy. So we rounded up some neighbor kids and went for it (slowly). Kevin had orphaned us by this time, so it was an amateur leading amateurs! The dormers were so nasty to build we haven't even got pictures of them! (Our subconscious minds evidently wouldn't allow it.) They did turn out well and are going to be a favorite part of the house.
You might enjoy a picture of Kaylee. Whoops it is upside down! Here it is right side up.

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