August was exciting. We put our main beams in place. The first was a 33'x 6 3/4"x15" in the middle of the house (house loft floor level). The second is 56'x 6 3/4"x15" and placed east and west. It took the full crew. (Barry, Kevin, Flint, Jesse, Tyrus, and Serena. Darcy is the photographer, Kaylee was probably more interested in the kittens.) Oh, how could I forget the last team member, Rachel! It added lots of excitement to have her here especially when two German Shepards chased her up a tree.
Mr Murphy didn't help me build this beam hanger. It couldn't have fit better. All were relieved. This is a critical area as the north south beam and the valley beams are connected here. It is made of 1/4" steel and took four of us to lift it. After placing the beams the crane operator was persuaded to give some bucket rides. Hey, we didn't have time for a carnival this summer. Here are Flint and Tyrus 75' in the air. Serena and Kaylee had a ride and so did Barry and I. (I never knew knuckles could get so white.) The next update will include pictures from the bucket.

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