Yes 1999-??. Except it seems the question marks are getting bigger. ?? ?? Ha Ha The Lackmans in Cyberspace. Anyway our new downstairs bath is mostly done and even has a door. We did the tile ourselves. Oh and used epoxy grout, got to work fast with that stuff. It looks kind of ugly though. (The grout) And as if the the house work is not enough the kids and I had to diddle with a race car. The kids painted the frame and I did a few odd jobs on it. We got started UPSTAIRS in the guest room. The living/dining/kitchen floor leveling project is actually done now. We took advantage of having to add another layer of floor and installed some floor heat. The heated area is four feet wide around the perimeter of the outside walls and wider in the kitchen/dining area. It is always fun to have Aunt Mindy and Aunt Janine and every one else come to visit.

So goes the battle.

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