An open beam home has been our dream forever. A timber frame home would have been the ultimate. They are expensive and we wanted to use our existing foundation so we decided on a open beam home with laminated ridge beams. This would be called "post and beam" construction. We are using wood I-beams for all our roof and floor joists. Now here are the plans. This is daring on our part, we'll see how close we come.

First floor. 
Second floor (house loft and garage loft).
Basement Floor.
West side looking east.
North side looking south.
East side looking west.
South side looking north.

As we get photographs we will be posting some on this site. The foundation is now in and yes Mr. Murphy reared his ugly head very early on, the only RAIN in a 150 mile radius! (Oliver County, ND). The kids are a big help and Darcy and I have sore everything.

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