Well it has been a while. We had our first supper upstairs 11-5-99. We were siding until 12-15-99. I found out how hard it is to get anything done when you are paralyzed with fright. How do you hold a piece of soffit and the nail gun when you are hanging on with both hands? Of course being on a 10' ladder on the tractor scoop doesn't have anything to do with it.

Jeff and Marla Anderson were visitors in January - 2000. Marla is Darcy's sister and Jeff is a professional carpenter. So guess what we did? Went skiing, oh, no that wasn't us. We WORKED. Jeff and I got all the inside wall built upstairs. And as soon as we did the monkeys came to visit. This is the only window we are waiting for. And you can see some of the inside wall. Another sign of civilization are the stairs going up to the loft above the garage. Here is another picture of our house from the road. Most of the siding is done. We have soffit, facia, stucco on the foundation, landscaping, and rain gutters to work on on the outside. I got this funny feeling I'm forgetting something. We are just about done with a new downstairs bathroom and when it is done our old bathroom can be de-commissioned. Then there is EVERYTHING to do upstairs. So don't come here for a relaxing visit!

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