Wiring is one of those jobs that seem to take forever and it looks like nothing is happening. And there is a special curse on those doing it themselves which is putting switches and plugs wherever you want them. Living in the house while you are doing it doesn't made it any faster it just means more three way switches, more phone plugs, cat5 for computer networking, and even though we won't use it, video cabeling. And all this EVERYWHERE. Lots of wire. We are using conduit for some of the Cat5 runs. This will allow upgrading if desired.

Tyrus had a birthday in January. Here he is playing with a birthday present.

The old upstairs bathroom is now gone and in its place is a closet for our freezer. We decided to plumb in a washer location here as well as downstairs. The last loop of floor heat (in the entry) is in. We broke loose the stairway to the basement and moved it east. This give us more room at the top of the stairway by the entry door from the garage. Much safer. The main upstairs bathroom and guest room bathroom are next. Sheetrock is going on it is finally looking like we are getting something done.

We are surviving but we have our days -

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