Here are some current!! (we finally got a digital camera) interior pictures, click them;

Living room area looking north. On the right of the piano is a small chair closet, the main opening straight ahead is the entryway. Notice the stairs that go up to the garage loft. The door on the right is to the guest room. The wagon wheels you see in these pictures will become our chandeliers. The smaller two will hang in the living room area and the bigger two will hang from the main ridge beam, one in kitchen/dining area, and the other between the posts. Onion type lanterns will hang from the wheels.

From the living room looking east. The door on the left (in the entryway) is the main bathroom. Our dining area will be by the double doors. Our kitchen will be in the SE corner on the right side of the picture. There is a small spot of sheetrock left above the window on the right, that is where the stove hood ducting will go. The post in the middle is square even though it looks tapered in the picture.

From the kitchen/dining area looking west. Our piano and organ will stay in this area. You can see the recessed area where the masonry fireplace will eventually go.

Here is the garage loft. This loft area is above the garage.

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