school programs


School Education
Our School Program provides law enforcement assistance to the school community to develop and foster a more positive attitude toward law enforcement by students and to combat crime on a delinuency prevention basis.
Mercer County Deputies serve as a resource contact point,  to students, parents, faculty, and staff, teaching and explaining the role of law enforcement in our county. We also respond to law enforcement calls for service or for conducting investigation at area schools.


child safe Project ChildSafe, is a nationwide program that helps ensure safe and responsible firearm ownership, gun safety and storage  for everyone. We have FREE gun locks available for the public. These firearms safety kits include a safety brochure that covers a variety of optons for firearms storage and a free cable-style gun lock. Visit the Sheriff's Office at the Staton Court house to pick one up for everyone's safety.


illegal drugs   Methamphetamine Information
Signs of a Methamphetamine Lab in your neighborhood

Strong smell that might resemble urine, or unusual chemical smell like ether, ammonia, or acetone.
Little or no traffic during the day, high increase in traffic at extremely late hours.
Vehicle trunks loaded with chemical containers, or basic chemistry paraphernalia-glassware, rubber tubing, etc.
Lab materials surrounding the property or being carried into the residence.

                                        Message from Sheriff Dean Danzeisen
"Education and enforcement
aimed at eradicating methamphetamine use and production in Mercer County.Our department is committed to being proactive in our efforts to keep meth users and producers out of Mercer County. This is a task that requires cooperation of all law enforcement agencies in the county and the assistance of county residents. Many meth labs are discovered by citizens noticing strange or unusual activities in their neighborhoods and reporting such activities to local law enforcement. I hope citizens and law enforcement continue to work together to eradicate this vicious drug from our county."


Youth Bureau
The Mercer County Youth Bureau, a branch of the Mercer County Sheriff's Office, is a diversion program that works with youth ages 7-17 who are experiencing personal, family, school or legal issues. Services offered through the Youth Bureau for youth and their families include individual counseling, brief family counseling, education, crisis intervention, case management and referrals services.
The Mercer County Youth Bureau works closely with local school districts, law enforcement, health facilities and other youth related agencies.
The primary goal of the Youth Bureau is to provide early intervention services for youth and their families in an effort to divert youth from further legal and social difficulties. Referrals are received from Juvenile Court, law enforcement, school administration, Social Services, healthcare and mental health providers and parents