Jay Ferguson started at the department in June 2001. He is 1992 graduate of the Peace Officers Training Academy in Devils Lake and has a Voc.Ed.Program Certificate. His specialized training consists of; street officer survival, domestic violence, sex offenses, robbery, interrogation/interviewing & verbal judo, Criminal Gangs, Domestic Terrorism, Railroad emergency/hazardous materials, chemical agents, drug indentification, radar cert., S-D2 intoxilyzer, First Responder Certified, Tazer Certified, Sidearm qualified.
Mike Froelich began working for the department in August 2001. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology from UND. He graduated in 1999 from the police academy in Devils Lake and spent 2 1/2 years in drug enforcement before coming to the department. His specialized training consists of; NDBCI Basic Narcotics, DEA Narcotics School, Drugs of Abuse & Paraphernalia, Airborne Counter Drug & Surveillance, Basic Thermography, 1st Responder to bombs, Asset forgeiture/seizures, Search & Seizure, Clandestine Laboratories, First Responder Certified, Field Sobriety & HGN, S-D2 intoxilyzer, radar cert., Sidearms qualified, Tazer Certified, Firearms Instructor.
Chuck Dahl has been with the Department since 1983 and has been Chief of Police since 1998. He is a 1983 graduate of the Police Academy in Bismarck. His specialized training consists of; patrol techniques, interview/interrigation, management/leadership, asset forfeitures, fire investigation, criminal investigation, deadly force issues, PPCT, sex offenses, bombs & explosives, tactical situations, computer/cyber crimes, latent fingerprint detection, first responder cert., S-D2 cert., radar cert., Tazer cert., firearms qualified.
Unit#: 1791
Unit# 1792
Chief of Police
Unit# 1790
Unit#: 1793
Jim Wolff started with the department in March 2006. He is a 2004 graduate
of the Police Academy is Bismarck. His specialized training consists of;
terrorist bomb, EVOC, EMS dispatch, NCIC, Pre-hospital Trauma, correctional officer school, highway watch, Intoxilyzer, radar/lidar, Tazer certified, EMT certified, sidearms qualified.