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Gartner Seed Farm
Mike & Suzette Gartner

500 10th Ave. NW Mandan, ND 58554
Phone: 701-663-7731
Fax: 701-667-1875


Forage Crops

We offer many different choices for your forage needs.

4010 Forage Peas

Adding forage peas can add protein without having to buy added protein like soybean meal or corn. Blended with oats or barley you will get increased tonnage. In our test plots the 4010's have done as well as the Arvika's we used to carry.

Bobcat Winter Triticale
Plant early in the fall, graze it, graze it again in the spring, then cut for hay or silage in the summer. You get your money's worth with just one seeding.

Rawson Barley
Rawson is a high yielding feed barley when harvested, but has also been found to be a good choice for green chopping. Rawson is not a malting barley.

Cover Crops
We will blend according to your needs.

Sorghum Sudan
Warm season grass for emergency forage.

Teff Grass
Warm season grass.

Other Grasses
Call to ask if we have what you need.

A wide selection available.