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In The Turtle Lake-Mercer Area

Turtle Lake Businesses employ many people and offer the most opportunities for those looking for work in the Turtle Lake area. Check out the
Turtle Lake Businesses Web Pages to get an idea of what kind of jobs are offered within the Turtle Lake City limits. Contact these various businesses for employment opportunities.

Don Cullum Contact Don Cullum at 701-448-9125 or City Auditor Darwin Saari at 701-448-2596 for free assistance in finding housing that is right for you.

The baby boomers are starting to retire. During the next several years there will be an increasing number of baby boomers retiring from area power plants and mines. Skilled craft persons will be needed to replace this retiring work force. No doubt some of the replacement work force will come from Turtle Lake-Mercer Natives who are currently working similar skilled craft person positions outside of the North Dakota borders.

Strategic planning by Turtle Lake-Mercer students could put them at an advantage for attaining these highly sought after power plant and mine jobs as they come available. What would this strategy include? Take all the math, science and advanced shop classes that are offered at TLMHS, achieve good grades, and study a craft related field at a reputable college. These crafts studies could include a choice or combination of choices including electronics, electrician, motor pool and heavy machinery mechanic, industrial mechanic, machinist, welder, or process /power plant technology. Your chances at attaining one of these plant and mine jobs would be much better if your resume included training or expertise in more than one craft.

Check out the below links to area power plants and mine web pages.

GRE’s Coal Creek Station near Underwood

GRE’s Stanton Station near Stanton

Falkirk Mine near Underwood

Basin’s Leland Olds near Stanton

Minnkota’s Milton R. Young near Center

BNI coal mine near Center

Basin’s AVS near Beulah

Gas plant near Beulah

Basin’s ND mine near Beulah

Once you have attained a Turtle Lake-Mercer area job you will of course need to decide where you are going to live. When determining where to build your dream house, remember that the Turtle Lake-Mercer area is a great place to raise a family and this area offers some of the best area fishing and hunting. An added benefit is that real estate taxes are among the lowest in the state.

Good luck in what ever direction and goal you choose for yourselves.

Some former and current Turtle Lake-Mercer residents are business people, or soon will be business people. Some of these business people already are, or soon will be, in a position of influence. If you are among these influential people, please remember the Turtle Lake-Mercer area when determining where to build or expand an industry. Give your selves and other TLMHS graduates a chance to live the good life that the Turtle Lake-Mercer area still offers!

There are choice commercial lots and reasonably priced existing commercial property that would service the needs of new industry in the Turtle Lake-Mercer area. Let
Don Cullum know what you are looking for and he will help you find it.

Business opportunity suggestion!!! Turtle Lake could sure use a large hunting lodge that offered year round motel options for Turtle Lake-Mercer area visitors. Some houses in Turtle Lake offer a view of the Lake Breken and Holmes recreation area. Imagine a strategically positioned large hunting lodge in Turtle Lake,or on the outskirts of Turtle Lake, that offered this same view!


Business opportunity suggestion!!! Turtle Lake is strategically located between Bismarck and Minot.  A radio station and or TV station that sends a signal far enough to reach 20 miles beyond the far side of both Bismarck and Minot would have tremendous potential for advertising sales to both Bismarck and Minot  as well as a 75 mile radius from Turtle Lake that also includes  Mandan, New Salem, Velva, Surrey,  Garrison, Washburn, Falkirk, Coleharbor, Hazen Beulah, McClusky, Center, Stanton, Riverdale, Underwood, Turtle Lake, Mercer, Wilton, Parshall, White Shield, Max, Butte, Benedict, Ruso, Drake, Anamoose, Denhoff, Goodrich, Regan, Wing, Hensler, Hanover, Zap, Harvey, Fessenden, Tuttle, Robinson, Pick City, etc.  No other 75 mile radius radio or TV station in North Dakota would reach a larger audience than one that was centrally located in Turtle Lake, North Dakota.  Imagine that!

Area individuals have already provided several real nice
hunting lodges and rooms for rent to accommodate hunters. These same rental units would also make excellent accommodations for other seasonal travelers including the millions who currently travel far and near to enjoy wildlife and nature tours. The Turtle Lake area is already host to hundreds of visitors each year who come here to tour the area wild flowers and large variety of bird species, some common to us and some uncommon to most, including rare and endangered species. As the baby boomers retire by the millions, the record number of retired people living in the US will be looking for these non aggressive activities. Research our area wild flowers, birds and other wildlife, then organize tours and advertise to the world what we have. This peaceful and non destructive use of our area resources can be profitable for us in Turtle Lake and an enjoyable for thousands upon thousands of retirees. Magazines that cater to bird watchers and wild flower enthusiasts would be most ideal to advertise our area nature descriptions along with info regarding lodging and tours. It is not hard to imagine that guiding the tours would be a pleasant experience for some of our area retirees. Educate yourself about what we have to offer, form a plan and then be a part of sharing the Turtle Lake area nature experience. The idea to nationally advertise our area as an ideal place to hunt was at one time regarded as far fetched, but look where we are today. Imagine, the equivalent of our current hunting season tourism as being doubled or tripled in volume. Just imagine what that extra tourism would do for our local economy. If you are interested in pursuing these interests but do not know how to get started, contact Don Cullum at 701-448-9125 for ideas and free assistance in determining where would be best to advertise. Together, we might even be able to find some local participation in the initial funding of the first strategic advertising.

How can you finance your business ventures and housing needs? Check first with the Bank of Turtle Lake at 1-701-448-2323 and the Turtle Lake Community Credit Union at 1-701-448-9220. Other options can be found right here on the web. Just type in “small businessloans” or “loans”or “government grants” on your favorite search engine and then sort through the thousands of options.


Turtle Lake Homes For Sale


Reiswig House



Turtle Lake Business Opportunities

1. For Sale Turtle Lake Main Street commercial property at 211 Main Street for sale in Turtle Lake priced at $16,000. Call Kent and Catherine Pfennig in Driscoll Tel: 701-387-4750; Address: 42600 57th Avenue Northeast, Driscoll, ND 58532 Driscoll, ND; ZIP: 58532or e-mail at

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2. For Sale Triplex in Turtle Lake.   Cullum Apartments all have new furnaces and are well insulated. Two of the apartments are newly remodeled large two bedroom apartments. One of the apartments is a newly remodeled one bedroom furnished apartment. This triplex is located at 112 3rd ave, two blocks from main street. The Turtle Lake area is the heart of ND’s best hunting and fishing. Geese, ducks, pheasants, grouse, deer, walleye, bass, trout and perch within two miles. Abundance of public land in area. Call Don Cullum at 701-448-9125 or e-mail me at    Check out layout of the Cullum apartment building and see some pictures at


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3. SOLD For Sale- 6000 square foot commercially zoned building. Includes office areas, two large overhead doors, large shop areas. Has been utilized as an aluminum and fiberglass fabrication shop. SOLD

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4.  For sale! Restaurant Bowling Alley For sale! (701)448 2300  See some pictures at this following you tube link Turtle Lake North Dakota Businesses, School and Churches


5. SOLDKen's Jack and Jill is a well established profitable grocery store that features not only a large grocery store but also a very profitable and busy meat cutting business. Ken and Iona have been in business for more than 20 years. They are now ready to retire and spend a lot more time on the golf course.
Ken and Iona's upcoming retirement results in a once in a lifetime opportunity for the person or family that wants to move to the Turtle Lake area. If you spend any amount of time in Turtle Lake you would see how vital Ken's Jack and Jill is to the Turtle Lake area. You will also see why so many people have chosen to raise their families in Turtle Lake.
This is it.......A once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a profitable and established business in the most ideal place to live and raise a family. Make the trip to Turtle Lake. Imagine yourself here,.... away from the crime, pollution and high cost of big city living.
The area hunting and fishing is still the best in the state. Check out the clean and well maintained town of Turtle Lake, the area fishing lakes, wildlife, wholesomeness, parks and recreation. You deserve the very best. You deserve Turtle Lake. We look forward to having you as a neighbor. Give Ken and Iona Ericson a call at 701-448-2280 or home at 701-448-2264.

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6. For sale! Brian and Donna Levey have a very nice and recently remodeled mainstreet commercial building for sale in Turtle Lake. Give them a call at 448-2678



7. For sale! Howard and Joan Anderson have a very nice newly built, two bedroom, two bathroom, two garage stall, condos for sale near the Centenial Park in Turtle Lake. 448-2235




Excerpts from Oct 2007 “A powerful mix: Future of N.D. energy looks bright” -Lauren Donovan, Bismarck Tribune

North Dakota has an ambitious recipe to power up its future. All of the ingredients are in our pantry.  No other state is so well stocked with wind, coal, oil, water, biomass crops, and even hydrogen technology. It's almost an embarrassment of resources, enough to stir up a rich and powerful stew.  From now through 2015, state leaders have a strategic vision to push development of those resources to a new level, using the ingredients in traditional and innovative ways.  North Dakota's energy production would rise exponentially. So would job opportunities, income for North Dakotans and tax revenue for state and local budgets. For example, if a proposed coal-to liquid fuels plant gets built near Underwood, it alone could mean 1,000 jobs, among the biggest employment bases anywhere in the state.  


New biodiesel plants to produce 135 million gallons by 2015: Presently, Archer Daniels Midland's canola biodiesel plant at Velva produces 85 million-gallons of biodiesel, sold primarily to BNSF  Railway. Three other biodiesel plants, smaller in scale, are proposed for development within two  years


Goal to have 75 percent of the state's annual 353 million gallons of gasoline consumption be an ethanol blend: Presently, blended gallons account for 48 percent of North Dakota's consumption.   New ethanol production of 100 million gallons from plants at Richardton and near Underwood will help meet the goal.



Several partners under the name American Lignite  Energy are putting together  $50 million for front-end feasibility work on a plant to produce an array of engine fuels from lignite coal. The plant would be associated with Great River Energy's power plant near Underwood. A decision whether to continue is due in April. 

Great River Energy ( is a not-for-profit generation and transmission cooperative providing electricity to 28 distribution cooperatives in Minnesota and Wisconsin. It is the second largest power supplier in the state of Minnesota, and the fourth largest cooperative of its type in the nation.

Headwaters Incorporated ( is a world leader in creating value through innovative advancements in the utilization of natural resources. Headwaters is a diversified growth company providing products, technologies and services to the energy, construction and home improvement industries. Through its alternative energy, coal combustion products, and building products businesses, the company earns a growing revenue stream that provides the capital needed to expand and acquire synergistic new business opportunities.  Headwaters is talking of building Coal to Liquids plant in ND.  One of the sights being considered is near the Headwaters Incorporated  Blue flint ethanol plant located near Falkirk ND.


Headwaters Coal to Liquids Agreements



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